We look for individuals that are entrepreneurial and have a passion for technology. Our company culture is centered on producing great software and we’re looking for like minded individuals.

We build tomorrow!

Good spirit, intelligence and communication skills are on our ‘must have’ list for new team members. Here  you’ll be surrounded by experienced professionals you can learn from and have a laugh with.

Our work includes the development of web-based applications, design and development of desktop and mobile websites, mobile apps, website upgrades and redesigns, custom ICT solutions and more… generally if you can imagine it, we can build it!

We are company that prides itself in quality and excellence, offering a competitive sallary and benefits package. Our office is 100 square metres located in the heart of Mostar, near cofee shops and University area!

Each team member has dual 25″ widescreen monitors, Workstation PC, spacious desk and access to our chillout area. Everyday Coffe, drinks, snacks are free.

We encourage an enjoyable and happy work/life balance.


Systems engineer analyst working in wanted to join a  project team, assisting with the development and maintenance of complex, multi-tiered system used to orcestrate and huge streams of real-time data. Team projects require the development of custom application software, and the completed systems include Linux and PostgreSQL database.

This individual will participate in all phases of the system development life cycle, including concept of operations development, requirements development and analysis, software and hardware system design, risk management, integration, test and documentation.

Technical Skills

  • understanding of various technical software topics;
  • testing and evaluation of software algorithms;
  • testing and evaluation of database table models;
  • excellent knowledge of Linux/Unix systems;
  • experience with the Root Cause Corrective Actions;
  • experience with ITSM operations procedures,
  • good communication and collaboration skills.


The opportunity is to lead on code quality and best practices in Python, working closely with clients business side to codify processes and data streams, integrating with 3rd pty. web systems.

Additionally you will get to contribute to a greenfield web product. Also, you will be contributing to our existing products at all layers of the stack, and if you are not already familiar, learn the latest in delivering native-like experiences on the web with JavaScript.

Technical Skills

  • Python 2 and 3 across platforms;
  • Python dependency management and packaging;
  • Python web frameworks like Django and Flask;
  • Exposure to other languages and their ecosystems;
  • Skills within modern Javascript, Redux and React;
  • Automated testing and best practices in Python;
  • Able to communicate with non-technical people.


Infoherc grupa d.o.o. 88000 Mostar, BiH

T: +387 36 330 833
F: +387 36 330 833